Online/onsite ticket booking

Enables ticket booking and sales, schedule management, ticket printing, QR coding, RFID, integration with financial systems.

  • Reporting

    Our system enables fast and easy access to the necessary data and provides a suite of sales reports .

  • Security

    Communication is encrypted with SSL/TLS. Our system enables fine-grained access control.

  • Reliability

    Panda employs proven and reliable commercial and open-source solutions.

  • Payments online

    Application is integrated with cash registers, financial systems and several online payment providers.

Panda modules

Panda ticket reservation system consists of three main modules. Each of them is responsible for the organization of tools dedicated to specific user group. System administrators can access a management module, onsite sales panel is directed to the tellers serving customers and online registration enables the client to book and purchase tickets easily.

Sales management

  • mexpanda admin
  • mexpanda client
  • mexpanda admin facility

Management module is designed for system administrators.

Management module collects information throughout the system and allows users to manage all orders, invoices, client and employee profiles . Each part of the panel supports advanced filtering and enables selective viewing of data (reports or users lists), which makes working with large number of records a breeze. It supports multiple objects (managed entity units), various visit modes and article types (tickets, souvenirs, etc).

Facilitates management of :

  • facilities, schedules and events
  • clients and employees
  • reports
  • undelivered emails
  • sold items
  • server settings

Onsite registration

  • mexpanda office
  • mexpanda office booking
  • mexpanda office details

The module is dedicated to facility cashiers.

Panel, as part of the sale, controls the number of tickets available at the facility (in any given time span). It also enables you to find, manage or sell tickets (including those booked/sold on-line) & souvenirs or print invoices. Cashier panel includes rich periodic sales reports and inventory reports.


  • booking tickets
  • selling and printing tickets
  • selling souvenirs
  • inventory verification
  • giving invoices
  • creating reports

Online registration

  • mexpanda online login
  • mexpanda office booking
  • mexpanda office payment

The module is made available on public website or Your facility.

This module is responsible for booking and sales of tickets using a variety of electronic payment providers . Users can do it with of without creating an account . The user receives confirmation of registration account, booking tickets and making payments via the electronic system - registered user can also verify the orders in account. Options available to one-time users (payment types, booking constraints) can be configured any time in admin module .
Layout and style of this module is always customised to match those of customer website.


  • booking tickets
  • order review
  • on-line payment
  • onsite payment
  • e-mail confirmations
  • customised graphics