Multimedia exhibition management system

Meximus was devised with experience gathered during creation of systems for Chopin Museum in Warsaw.

Meximus is an extensive system with broad functionality, encompassing:

  • Exhibition managemen
  • Access management
  • Schedule management
  • Interaction scenario management
  • Service
  • Peripherials management
  • Reporting
  • RFID
  • Facility management

Meximus system is composed of:

  • Master Server - central exhibition server.
  • Multimedia Station - a management panel for each exhibiton elemnet.
  • Kiosk - dedicated station software.

Meximus is deeply integrated with Panda and Presentation Server.

  • Access control

    User and access management to the system functionality.
  • Exhibition managemen

    Management and control over multimedia and maintenance facility systems.
  • Multimedia and interaction management

    Creating interaction scenarios involving external devices and sensors.
  • Peripherial management

    Control over multimedia devices and lighting.