About us

We're a group of experienced IT experts.
We've been providing top-quality products and services since 2010 .
Close cooperation with customers and emphasis on quality and stability let us provide income-generating and cost-reducing solutions.

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Why us?

The experience gained during the implementation of many projects enables us to advise clients at every stage of the project and tailored solutions to individual needs.
Our knowledge and professionalism is confirmed by multiple ceritifications and customer satisfaction.
We're eager to answer all your questions regarding realisation of the exhibition-multimedia facilities.


We're passionate about Information Technology and we belive that each job deserves end-to-end engagement.
Each system should be deeply analyzed, designed and implemented with details in mind.
Our goal is to create challenging, comprehensive and robust products.


  • Challenging - the more difficult and non-standard project, the greater satisfaction and engagement.

  • Comprehensive - system design and implementation, starting with hardware, operating system to software enables control over the whole system and guarantees high quality .

  • Robust - maximizing scalability, performance and security characteristics deepens the knowledge about systems and requires experimentation. We love it!

We Offer

  • Software
    • design
    • implementation
    • performance/load tests
    • security tests
    • software audits
    • open source solutions customisation
    • outsourcing
  • Multimedia
    • design
    • implementation
  • Expertise in
    • exhibition systems
    • multimedia control
    • systems integration
    • booking systems


  • Programming Languages - C, C++, C#, Java etc
  • Web Server - Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd etc
  • Application servers - Jetty, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Websphere
  • Operating systems- Windows, Linux, Solaris
  • Databases - PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server etc
  • NoSQL solutions
  • Server administration and monitoring
  • Backup and file synchronization